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Breeder:  Marlene Neely  of Section, Alabama    
Email us: or call 256-599-5900
Updated:  02/05//2018
 Marlene Neely of Section, Alabama

We have been working diligently to update info and pics.  But please know just because our site looks different it does not mean it isn't us!!  :)  Marlene

PLEASE EMAIL OR TEXT FOR PUPPY INFO.  At this time, it is easier for me to get emails and text about puppies. Email: .  You are welcome to text me on my cell 256-599-5900.  I am working so many hours now that it is hard for me to answer my phone.  I can answer text and emails so much easier.  I have a hard time checking all of the voicemails.


Please take time to look at each page to see available and previous babies from our family.

ABOVE: This is Yeager! Nole is his dad!
BELOW: Greta- is a member of the Bryant family! They say she is a boat dog!  Her dad is Nole also! 
Bama's Best Seminole-- Below

Updated pic of Seminole "Nole"   Jan. 2017

Here is pic of Zoey, she belongs to the Hardiman family in Birmingham.  2/2015   She is from Livvy Lou and Chewy.

Below: Here is an updated pic of Zoey (from above) with her new sister Minnie.(Below)  They have the same Mama. Livvy Lou
Feb. 2017

Here is an update picture of Skyla Rue  2-2015 -- She is a Champion agility winner, many times over now. 

Here is one of our own babies-- Demi  Shadow "a.k.a. Mater" as my grandbaby has named her!!
Her mom is Phoebe and her dad is Chewy.

BELOW: Greta- is a member of the Bryant family! They say she is a boat dog!  Her dad is Nole also!

Recent pics that people have sent me of their babies from Bama's Best Kennel:

Below: Duchess- from Mayblee and Nole

This is Duchess 5.5lbs at her 12 week check up.
She is from Mayblee and Nole (Seminole)

This is Sassy- above.  

This is Evie, above.  She is from Stormy and Chewy

6/18/14 Below: Here is a recent picture of Skyla Blu and Saylor Rue.  Skyla and Saylor belongs to Maggie and Seminole.
Skyla holds many titles for agility.  

Testimonial from past family:  4/08/2018
This is Biscuit at 15 weeks. Just wanted you to see the handsome pup he is turning into. He is the most loyal and intelligent dog. He’s never more than a step behind us. We love him so much. We’re thinking he will need a brother or sister in about a year and will definitely come back to you to get one.

Updated picture of my Chesney girl: Ferg is her mom.

 Here is another one of Chesney- below:

Below: Picture of Stormy Rae and Chesney  6/16/2014

Below:  My Chew Man
Liver and Tan, 14 lbs


Above- My beautiful baby girl Stormy Rae.
She is a wheaton color. 

One of our newest editions:9/25/13
 Stormy Rae:  Once again, I can't seem to control myself when I see other people's babies!! No intention of getting myself an new addition-- but I just had my 1st grandson last week and I thought this baby would be a perfect playmate for Carter when he gets older!!  Stormy is a wheaton color-- appears white, you can't see it in this picture but she has the wheat color on the tips of her fur.  She will carry the liver, liver and tan and wheaton color gene. (her nose is the brown color)
As you can imagine if you have ever been to my house-- we have already made room in our bed for Stormy!!  Livvy, Fancy and Chewy were not happy at first but they have adjusted!! :)

Below-- Livvy 11-26-11
I don't have any other schnauzers the color of Livvy (all liver colored) but I just fell in love with her when I saw her and had to have her. I was right...she has added such joy to our family! And she and Fancy are fast friends.
Check this video of our puppies playing with Fergie! To see more cool videos check out our Video and Slide Show page!

One of our past puppies from Bama's Best:

Shorty- below
 Shorty- He is from Maggie and Nole
Shorty several months later!

Nov. 2013-  Current photo of Shorty:  Below


Below:  Ratchet- 6-2012   Logan family   Dothan, Al.

 Below:  Here is Ratchet 2 months later...  His mom is Fergie.

Ratchet - Below  Christmas 2012

Current photo of Ratchet  Nov. 2013- Below

Below:  Teacup Gracie-- 8/2012
She is 15 weeks old and lives in Birmingham.
She weighs a whooping 2.7lbs!  Her mom is Maggie.

Here is Ella from Bama's Best Kennel
** See Available Puppy page for new babies!
 ** Beginning July 2015, we will only offer limited registration- pet only!  This is because we want to continue to protect the qaulity/lineage that we have worked so hard to maintain.  Puppies can be registered but if they have puppies they can not be registered with the limited registration.  We feel like the majority of the families that come to us looking for that special furry family member will understand and it won't matter to them.  We want to continue to thank all of our previous families for supporting us and continuing to recommend us to your family and friends.  
All our dogs and puppies are raised in our home
and treated like a family member! Are you looking for the perfect pet to make your family complete? I adopted my first schnauzer 14 years ago, and my families life has never been the same. Schnauzers are non-shedding, hypo-allergenic pets. They are wonderful house pets as well as hearty outdoor pets. Because schnauzers come in such a wide range of sizes they are a great choice when planning to adopt.

This is Maddie, she now lives in Northport, Al At 12 weeks, she weighed
3.5 lbs.

This is Maxwell-- he has just graduated from training school.  His mom is Sophie.

Our dogs and puppies are cared for with the attention they deserve....making for happier, healther parents and well adjusted and socialized puppies. Our pets are raised in our home, as well as their babies! We raise these loving pets so that other people can experince the joy that comes from owning a schnauzer. Our pets carry either the American Kennel Club (AKC) registration or the Continental Kennel Club (CKC) registration and in some cases they are double registered.
Our family lives in a small rural area in Northeast Alabama. We live on a 40 acre "farm" -- right now all we are raising are Schnauzers! My 3 children and I began this schnauzer journey quit by accident... We had adopted a new schnauzer -Sophie, then the kids were jealous and wanted one of their "own". So, as fate would have it we ran into a family with Maggie and Mazie - which we couldn't resist! Then my oldest son was looking on the net one day and came across Seminole- (Nole) and he wouldn't leave me alone till I gave in and adopted him from Texas! So, this is how our journey began... :) It has been an exciting and rewarding adventure ever since!
We spend a lot of time with our babies. They are raised in our home--and never seem to move out! We do not let our babies run outside because we do have a lot of cattle surrounding our home and we are afraid they might get hurt. We live in a fairly big 2-story house that they have free rein of--who needs to run outside? All of our babies are puppy pad trained for use in the home.
I have posted a few of the testomonies from families that have adopted from Bama's Best Kennel on the "Past Puppy" page. I try to keep up with many of my babies after they leave my home. People send me pictures and up to date info on their new babies.
**Please note- I am not a professional photographer or groomer! These are pictures that I have randomly snapped with my children, regardless if they needed haircuts or not-- the dogs and my children!
Our site is still under construction-- bear with us as we continue to update information and add to our site. Thanks!
This is Missy her Mom is Princess Sophie!

Here is Murphee his mom is Fergie. He is now a member of the Ledford family-- Please give props to Photography by Sara for this awesome photo! 
We use Phillips Animal Clinic in Scottsboro, Al. for all of our veterinary needs.
I am putting their contact information on here in case you want to call and ask the vets for a reference for me.  
Come on in and see the parents and pups.
This is one of our previous pups. He went to live with his new family in April '08


Beginning January 2009, I will need to charge a minimum fee of $50 to deliver a puppy. I hate to even charge anything but with gas prices going up I have no choice but to charge this fee.  This will be used to cover the cost of travel and car expenses. If it can be arranged that we can meet half way, then the price will be negotiable. THANKS! M
Contact Information:

 Bama's Best Kennel

496 County Road 52
Section, Alabama 35771
256-599-5900 cell **

SIZE SCALE-- There are many different size scales out there.
Here is the one that I have found to be the most consistant-
Teacup size- under 8 lbs.
Toy size- 8-12 or 13 lbs.
Miniature size- 13 lbs. and up

Cowboy and Lily-- Shiflett family  California (cowboy is from Mazie and Lily is from Fergie)

Contact Information:


Bama's Best Kennel
496 County Road 52
Section, Alabama 35771
256-599-5900 cell **
Here is Fergie!
Bama's Best Livvy Lou
Livvy is an all liver, 14lb. baby! 
We will be breeding her with our Chewy in a couple of months.  We are expecting these to be some very special babies! 
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